Musicalm Parents

The best mobile app to easily sleep your baby and create time for yourself to relax and refresh.

Lullabies and peaceful melodies

Sleep your baby easily with lullabies and peaceful melodies.

White noises

White noises like hair dryer or vacuum cleaner make your baby feel safe as he/she is in mother’s womb.

We didn’t forget you, parents

You can create a relaxing ambiance with many different sounds and melodies and you can find peace and happiness at the end of a busy day.

Create your own mixes

You can create your own mixes with the sounds you choose and add or remove sounds to/from your existing mixes whenever you want.

Dozens of sounds and melodies

You can find dozens of sounds and melodies in different categories like Nature, Birds, Water, Lullabies etc.

Timer feature

Timer feature lets you control how long you play the mix.



Relaxing Sounds and Melodies

Musicalm Parents contains relaxing sounds and melodies for the parents as well as babies. It helps you create your own mixes among many different sounds and melodies. Under the influence of sounds of a peaceful autumn rain, calm spring morning or a cheerful melody, let your mind travel to calmness and your baby fall asleep peacefully.

Easy to Use

Easy to use interface lets you create thousands of different mix variations by choosing among dozens of different sounds and melodies. In addition to this, you can also continue playing your mix in the background and use other apps on your phone.

Download Musicalm Parents

Download Musicalm: parents now, for both yourself and your baby, to spend more peaceful nights and wake up happier every morning.